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Call us today to see how Mallory's best in class vending program can benefit your facility

Rely on Mallory's vast vending expertise to...

  • Eliminate Stockouts
  • Lower Consumption
  • Improve Labor Efficiency
  • Audit Consumption

We offer free machines to employers with over 50 employees working in manufacturing, construction, or other safety and industrial product use intensive environments, and we pair that with great pricing and product selection on the products you use.

What's the catch? There isn't one, really, other than we ask that you give us a chance to earn your business for the products you buy that we regularly sell. We will invest in machines that will give big benefits to you, and in return, we ask for a reasonable opportunity to meet or beat pricing on the items you use in your business.

And no long term commitment is required - if you don't see the benefits of vending in the first 90 days, we will just remove the machines and place them with another customer.

It is win/win/win, and when you hear our story and see our solution, we think you will see how it could immediately benefit your business.

Oh, and we have a national network of distributors through supplyFORCE that can support you with vending, so we can and do handle nationwide needs today, so your program could cover all your facilities.

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  Thermogel Homeowner's Kit

Thermogel is a liquid concentrate that is capable of smothering fires and absorbing heat, applied with a regular water hose. The kit features four 1 gallon containers, capable of covering a total of 4000 square feet, as well as a garden hose applicator. Safe to plantlife and biodegradable.
$329.98 each

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Duraspec Comet Safety Glasses
Sporty wrap around safety glasses with universal fit templates, light-weight frameless design, and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses. Blocks 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet light. ANSI Z87.1-1999 compliant.

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MSA Advantage 1000 Respirator
Features wrap around flexible lens, super soft Hycar rubber, speaking diaphragm, communications sytem, and a special nose cup to eliminate lens fogging.
$245.40 each

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Tingley Weather Tuff 50mm Rainsuit
Heavy coating of PVC on polyester, 100% water proof, elastic suspenders, attached hood, bib overalls, multiple cargo pockets, and flame retardant/chemical resistant.
$39.69 each

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