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Mallory Vending Solutions > Vending Options
Mallory provides a variety of solutions to solve your vending needs. Check out the available options in more detail below.

We also have other methods using non-vending Vendor Managed Inventory.

How it works

  • Select Item - Users select the item(s) they want or scan a barcode on a pick sheet along with the quantity desired.
  • Get Item - Employee takes the chosen item(s).
  • Returns Item - The employee scans or enters ID, presses the Returns button, and a list of items to be returned by that employee is displayed.
  • Transactions Recorded - Employees show on the screen. The employee scans in or enters ID, presses the Returns button, a list of items to be returned by that.
  • Optional PIN - A PIN can also be used, as well as prompts to track overhead data like Department #, Job #, Customer #, Department # etc.


  • Easy to configure coils for challenging items
  • SNAPData™ accommodates multiple user reporting requirements and privileges
  • Your Data, Your Way
  • Flexibility to load your current product portfolio
  • Data changes are quick and efficient
  • Sturdy, hard wearing all steel design
  • Proven track record of reliability
  • Easy to follow user screen prompts
  • Bright LED lighting lasts up to 50,000 hours. LED = Less power consumption
  • Proven electronics for consistent up-time & vending


  • Easily vend large items
  • Check in Check out feature for power tools, specialized equipment etc
  • Speciality tool tracking
  • Spacious bay sizes
  • Two locker bay designs to accommodate larger items in your portfolio

  • SNAPS-18 Door
    Identical Size Doors
    11.5" H x 11.25" W x 24" Deep


  • SNAPV-18 Door
  • Varied 3 Size Doors
  • 7.875" H X 11.25" W
  • 11.5" H X 11.25" W
  • 22.5" H X 11.25"W
  • 24" Deep