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Drager X-am 5000

The smallest 5 gas detector available worldwide! Its compact and ergonomic design make the Draeger X-am 5000 the ideal companion for personal protection.

Ergonomic and compact design

The low weight and the compact design of the device ensure a high level of wearing comfort for the user. The device can be operated intuitively due to the 2-button control panel and the user-friendly menus.

Extensive range of sensors

As required, different sensors can individually be used with the Draeger X-am 5000, making it an even more flexible companion. Sensors can be easily replaced, gases changed and a new settings applied.

Full range of accessories

A complete range of accessories is available for the Draeger X-am 5000. This includes power supply units, charging devices and accessories for the datalogger download and configuration as well as calibration accessories. An external pump (optional) is the perfect solution for remote measurement applications.

Draeger Safety
Item IDDescriptionPriceUOMPkg QtyUnit SizeQuantity
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X-am 5000 Ex/O2/Dual CO/H2S, Alkaline$1,514.8711
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X-am 5000 Ex/O2/Dual CO/H2S, NiMH Batt$1,644.0711
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X-am 5000 Ex/O2/CO/H2S, Alkaline Batt$1,457.8811
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X-am 5000 Ex/O2/CO/H2S, NiMH Battery$1,644.0711
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X-am 5000 Ex/O2/H2S, NiMH Battery$1,576.9411
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/DRAEG-4543754_s.* does not exist
X-am 5000 Ex/O2, NiMH Battery w/ Charger$1,511.0711
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/DRAEG-4543758_s.* does not exist
X-am 5000 Ex, NiMH Battery and Charger$1,437.6111
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/DRAEG-4543753_s.* does not exist
X-am 5000 Ex/O2/CO, NiMH Bat and Charger$1,623.8011
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Remote Sampling Pump, X-am 1/2/5000$385.0511